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game management system part 1

Monday, October 18th, 2010

hello folks, after almost one month, i wrote many characters with their summary. I was still trying to figuring how to add the core idea and core stories.

so for moment, i’m still writting the characters list and haven’t yet added the art direction nor story line as core designs and core stories

game management system

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

hello folks, yesterday i learned many new thing about it and i start to understand how to deal with it. so, i will try to create a roadmap about it. so, the first phase is there :

phase 1 :

core ideas

core designs

core storys

the second phase will be developped but for moment, the main priority is the phase 1. for this test, we will use it for the small game called “arma go” which you can see there : this concept was done by my fellow buddy megawolf77 :)

well, i’m going to create a roadmap with the progression system and see what we could do with it.