new character concepts !

sorry for being so lack of update these days, my buddy pollo-chan and me were working on fews characters :)

there the first character and it will be a playable character :

the amnesia character who don’t know what is this world but it seem that she enjoying to sleep.

the first goddess that the main character will meet up

she is quite beautifull and as you can see, she is quite big for a goddess !

the twin marsupials, they’re siamese but they’re now separated :)

babies ! awww they’re so cute ! T_T

they’re now fully grow and as you can noticed, they’re now separated :)

now, there the armless character !

who she is ? she looks like a priest ?! and why she don’t have any arms ?!! i don’t know :3

well, there the famous hacker ! the one who can hack the FBI government like a simple door to open !

he is the ex-marine who lost his legs from war so, he decided to became an hacker so, that is why he is enjoying that new job :3

there the strange character and we’re wondering who she is ?

this girl is probably a goddess but we don’t know what is her job….

i hope you’re enjoying this bunch concepts ? :)

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